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28 Sep 2017

Contact Experienced Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys To Protect You From Criminal Charges

If you are ever charged with a criminal case it is always better to hire services of the Houston criminal defense attorneys as they have years of experience in handing different criminal cases and can safeguard your legal interests in the case. The consequences of a criminal case is very burdensome as it not only effects your professional but also your personal life and image in the society. So contacting a criminal defense attorney should be first priority since the attorney will help you with legal proceedings and also advice you with the best tips to protect you in the case.

criminal defense lawyer houston
You are advised not to speak to the prosecutor or the police and do not submit any breath or blood samples unless you have spoken to your lawyer since this can be used against you later in the court. The Houston criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in handling different types of criminal cases and they know the strategies that they need to use based on the case and the charges to prove your innocence in the case. They check for any constitutional violations in charging the case against you or suspect the ulterior motives of the witness to plant a doubt in the jury’s mind against the prosecution charges that could lead to dismissal of the case in the court. The defense attorney goes to the extent of even taking support from private investigators to recreate the crime scene and look for loopholes that could save you from the case.

Houston DWI Lawyer
In case you are accused of the DWI it is always better to contact a Houston DWI lawyer who would help you understand the consequences of the case and come up with suitable strategies based on the severity of the case. They come up with possible legal defences like scrutinizing the prosecution charges for inaccuracies, defects or incomplete information that would come to your rescue to save you from the case. Generally, drivers are booked under DWI for erratic driving patterns like speeding or driving slowly, driving at uneven speeds, running a red light and stopping at green lights since it is generally assumed that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, the defense lawyer tries to protect the client by claiming the unreliability of the tests conducted by the office and also defending the clients erratic driving patterns as being due to sudden medical or physical conditions.
Whatever might be the criminal charges, the defense attorneys would come up with the best strategies to dismiss the case in the court or at least have the charges reduced offering major relief from the case to their clients.


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